Equine Employers have Different Hiring Styles

farmerNot every equine employer follows the same hiring procedure.   It is important for horse industry job seekers to be ready for all different approaches.   Here are some of the approaches we have seen:

1. A few employers don’t spend much time investigating potential candidates.   They simply hire one that sounds good and then fire them if they don’t work out.

2. Some employers are very trusting of the information you provide.   Others are very skeptical.

3. Some employers have a salary in mind for their position.   Others will ask you what your salary needs are.

4. Some prefer email to talking on the phone.   Other will want to speak with you as soon as possible.

5. A few employers will have written job descriptions.   Most will not.

6. A few employers will require a background check before they hire.   Most will not.

7. Some employers will want to exchange lots of information before the interview.   Others will make assumptions based on what you tell them, whether they are right or wrong.

8. Some employers are natural negotiators looking for win/win solutions and others have a more of a “my way or the highway, take it or leave it” approach.

9. Some employers think they know everything and are threatened by information you may provide that is different.   Other employers are more collaborative.

10. Some employers move quickly through the stages of hiring and some take much more time.

11. Some employers will want to answer all your questions.   Others will be impatient and want to cut to the chase.

12. Some employers will make a job sound wonderful to get your interest. Others will warn you that you better be ready for hard work and long hours.

13. A few employers will return your calls or answer your messages.   Many will not unless they have a reason.

Employers come in all shapes and sizes.   Ideally you will find an employer who is collaborative but careful, organized and efficient, ready to seek compromises, and appreciative of what you have to offer.   These employers can be hard to find, so be ready to handle employers who are a mix of abilities and approaches.

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