Social Media and Small Business in the Equine Industry

I have been asked for advice by many clients who are looking to set up new social media strategies as part of their marketing.‚   Do you own, or are thinking of starting up, a small business in the equine industry?

When I first began investigating social media as part of our overall marketing and customer retention program I spent hours online reading “expert” blogs and observing the approach and techniques used by the other companies that I admired.‚   It made my head spin.‚   Over the years I filtered out a lot of these information sources and stuck with a few that WORK for me.‚  

One of these sources is I follow them on twitter (@mashable)‚  and regularly view the posts on their website to keep me on track.

Here’s one‚  of the reasons why I love them.‚   I thought I’d share with you this post from 2009 regarding social media and the small business.‚   It is so clear and succinct Why wouldn’t you love it?‚

On a personal note, This blog post has become a part of my “marketing bible” – It is social media marketing in‚  a nutshell‚   – read it, soak it in and put your plans into action.‚   It’s easier than you think.

Best of luck to you all


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