Bosses at Equestrian Jobs – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

What's your boss like?

What's your boss like?

Anyone who has worked in equine jobs knows that bosses come in all shapes and sizes.   Bosses are human, and that makes their characteristics different in hundreds of ways.

Equine bosses can be fair or unfair, friendly or unfriendly, supportive or uncaring, cheap or generous, organized or disorganized, knowledgeable or uninformed, good listeners or deaf to your input, good business people or failures, and on and on.

Regardless of their personality traits, the best bosses know that every employee has strengths and weakness.   There is no such thing as an employee who is good at everything, just as there is no such thing as an employee who has nothing to offer.   The best bosses in equestrian jobs view themselves as less of a boss and more of a coach and cheerleader.

The key to effective personnel management is to publicly praise and honor each employee for their strengths and positive accomplishments and privately help each employee improve on their weaknesses.   Being a cheerleader when an equine employee is doing well, and being a coach when he or she needs improvement is the key to building long term success and loyalty with employees.

Treating equine employees like a piece of equipment to be used hard and put away wet is the best way to encourage perpetual turnover in your horse business.   All employees have hopes, dreams, fears, and misconceptions. Managing Equine Employees takes time and effort. Spending time on building effective relationships with employees is time well spent; time which will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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