Ten Ways to Get Fired from Horse Jobs

Getting fired.

Getting fired.

Let’s face it, there are as many ways to get fired from jobs with horses as there are grains of sand on the beach.   However, here are ten   “no brainers” that are easy to avoid.

1. Don’t be late or absent from the job without a good excuse and without letting your employer know in advance.

2. Remember that the person who pays the bills gets to make the final decisions.   Don’t insist on doing things your own way against the decision of your boss.

3. Don’t say bad things about your horse job, your employer, or your employer’s business to other people.   If you have an issue with your equine employer, take it directly to your employer.

4. Don’t compete with your employer.   For instance, if you have horses to sell, keep them at another location and don’t mix them with your bosses herd. Your equine employer will not appreciate it if your horse gets sold over your employer’s horse.

5. Don’t drink or do drugs on the job.   This should be obvious.

6. Don’t lie on your resume or an employment application. If you are found out, you may lose your job even if you are lucky enough to get by with the deception initially.

7. Don’t say you can do something unless you can really do it well.   Pretending and then failing does not sit well with employers.

8. Get along with other employees and don’t “lord it over them.”   If you cannot be a team player, you may get cut from the team.

9. Don’t be careless around the horses.   Leaving gates open, smoking in the barn, forgetting to fill water buckets, or putting horses in dangerous situations can lead to disasters. Repeating the performance may get you fired.

10. If you live in employer provided housing, don’t invite friends to visit if they will not respect the owner’s property and go where they are not authorized to go.

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